Treating Fatigue with Natural Care

Treating fatigue is different for everyone because it does not affect everyone for the same reasons. With natural care fatigue can be treated in many different ways. Why do you think you are suffering from fatigue? Is it because of nutritional deficiencies? Lack of sleep or inefficient sleep? A previous injury, mental stress, depression and other emotional issues can break your sleep or cause insomnia. The next morning you may awake, wondering why you are so tired.

Natural therapies

Natural therapy like sunshine, fresh air and sleep are all remedies for fatigue. Meditation, directed thought and emotional healing exercise will assist you in sound sleep and restoration. Sometimes when we suffer fatigue it is the most obvious things that are impeding our longevity and energy. Dietary changes, malnutrition and anxiety tend to overwhelm and steal nourishment from the body. For energy and strength, take walks every day in the sunshine but not in the hottest parts of the day. Spend these times napping or doing your most relaxing chores. Sleeping in may be what is saving your health. Taking that extra hour or two to rest cannot be underestimated. Days and even weeks before a flu fully manifests in symptoms you may be extra tired, dehydrated and out of sorts. Do not question these symptoms but instead rest and they will fade away.  Natural therapies for tiredness involve herbs, seeds, nuts, fruits,  vegetables and meats. Certain energy packed super foods are more likely to give you that extra boost than other everyday foods. If you find that acai berry and other super foods for energy are hard to come by, bee pollen and algae are potent as are many herbs. Taking the right combinations of herbs and ensuring your supplements do not interact negatively with one another is the safest way to take new foods.

About Rachel

Rachel is a cat mama, humble homemaker and environmentalist. She is a natural activist, healer and earth lover. Her work is to advocate healthy, natural living for all animals-including humans.
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