Tips for Home Soap Making

Soap making at home is not really as intimidating as it sounds. All you need is some basic understanding of what soap is and the willingness to take some safety precautions. Many avid soap makers have their own special recipes and routines such as strict measurement using scales. You do not really need to have any special equipment to make your own high quality soap with natural care.

What do you need?

To make soap faster it will help to have a blender as long as their are no aluminum parts. Steer clear of anything aluminum when working with lye. Lye also goes by the names of caustic soda and sodium hydroxide. Since this occurs in nature lye is natural and safe for the skin with the right pH. If you are making cold process soap, a blender will work but hot process requires a non-aluminum pot or crock pot. You can even make hot process soap in the oven. Some spoons that you do not use for cooking will be used to stir and ladle your soap into molds once it is finished. Of course, the obvious things you will need are a source of lye and fat. Vegetable oils are good but animal fat can also be used for soaps.

Soap making tips

Olive oil takes longer to trace than other oils so if this beneficial oil is your first choice, be prepared for a possibly longer wait. If your soap does not trace at all, add more lye. In the early days of soap making, it was common for soap to be very harsh. This is because of how much lye was added. To keep your soap from being harsh, add enough lye to get a trace but just barely.

Safety precautions

Since sodium hydroxide is so caustic, you will need to keep a bottle of vinegar close on hand during your soap making. Wearing safety goggles, an apron and wearing plastic gloves will protect you from the possibility of getting a chemical burn. If you are cooking your soap open the windows in the house to keep from burning your eyes. Organic skincare in homemade soaps is the most basic way to care for your skin.

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