Rashes and Natural Care

Rashes are common to get once in your life, at least and some are very harmless. Since the causal factors of a rash are so varied, you may have one and be wondering why. Natural care will treat a rash and get to the bottom of it as long as you know why you have gotten the rash.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is common because it would have to do with something you came in contact with that you had touched. The chemical could be both an irritant and an allergen, or one independent of the other. It’s normal to get this as long as you identify what caused the eruption. Poison ivy or poison oak are are good examples of plants that could cause contact dermatitis. Cheap jewelry will do this in some individuals as well due to the high level of nickel content.


Psoriasis sufferers are rising and they are getting younger. More people are suffering from psoriasis every day and most of them don’t know about the benefits or using natural skin care containing herbal extracts and resins to heal their eruptions. Psoriasis is a scaley, bumpy eruption that has flakes of skin that fall off. Diet changes and an increase in omega 3 in the diet have shown to clear up psoriasis for good in many individuals.

Seborrheic dermatitis

This is most common rash that is affecting adults, today and is characterized by red, scaling eruptions that are found on the forehead, face, brows, ears and cheeks.

These are some of the most well know skin rashes and their associations. Eating healthy food, staying away from toxins that hurt your body and your skin leaves your skin looking its best. Herbal extracts applied topically and supplements that work for people with skin rashes will have a greater affect on healing skin eruptions.

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