Natural Care of Dry Hair

Dry hair is usually the result of a lack of oils in the diet, leading to brittle hair and breakage. Dry hair becomes thin to the touch and can make a sound like crunching when you hold it next to your ear. This is a sign that it is very dry and you could be dehydrated. Though dry hair tends to affect all ages, mature hair is more likely to become dried out. Natural care for your dry hair includes ceasing the use of hot irons and chemical hair products. Your hair can be revitalized with protein, more oils in the diet that are high in omega 3 and super foods.

Other concerns

What is going on in your body is not always as simple as a diet change or hair care treatment. Hormonal changes, stress, emotional problems and life changes all affect the growth of our hair and how it grows. Sexual activity makes hair and nails grow faster than regular workouts, making it the optimum source of healthy exercise for hair health. If mental states based on anxiety and depression are taking their toll on your health, it may be as subtle as hair that is lackluster but can lead to dramatic hair loss over time. The hair says a lot about the health condition a person is in and how they feel in general.

Immediate hair treatments

Making your own conditioner far outweighs any of the conditioners you will find it the store, the only drawback being that they do not keep. Making a one use conditioner from avocado pulp and extra virgin coconut oil is a hair healing infusing conditioner that is also good for your scalp. Add tea tree oil, rosemary essential oil or any essential oil that is safe for your scalp based on the condition you wish to treat.

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