Natural Care for Skin Inflammation

Cheap cosmetics and chemical perfumes add to skin inflammation and make it more difficult to overcome dermatitis like psoriasis and eczema. Simple inflamed skin, however could explain a lack of omega 3′s in the diet and common allergies to chemicals like preservatives, fragrances and dyes

Responding to inflamed skin

If your skin is inflamed, a rational response is the most effective. Ceasing all perfumes, facial washes, soaps and deodorants that are fairly new helps you to narrow down the possible culprits. Your skin may need the time to clear itself of toxins accumulated and to benefit from natural skincare. It’s easy to want to jump from one product to the next if your skin is getting irritated but you may want to try noticing the labeled ingredients. Avoiding these ingredients will go a long way to getting your skin back to its normal, healthy condition so long as it is not being bombarded with more chemicals.

Washes and compresses

Chamomile tea is a popular anti-inflammatory for the body and mind but it also calms the skin. For itchy, flaky skin, rashes and inflammation, steep chamomile flowers in water overnight and apply to your skin in a mister bottle. This soothing relief is gentle enough even for baby and elderly skin. Oatmeal and honey are also soothing to the skin and help with acne and itchy, rough skin. If you have a severe condition, stop all of your skin care products for a week, incorporating one at a time until you find some clarity on the matter. You will learn more about your skin and what it really needs. Masks are something anyone can make with natural skincare ingredients. Use apricot kernel oil, extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil as a base for your masks. Using castile soap or other natural, vegetable based soap on your body is recommended for a gentle, natural clean.




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