Is Makeup Good for Your Skin?

Different forms of makeup have gained popularity throughout the centuries with women and men alike as a means of enhancing the beauty of a person or indicating status. Some primitive forms of makeup were more natural than others while some makeup contained lead and other dangerous compounds.

The interesting fact is that today makeup is much the same with specialty lines being mineral based “natural” makeup and other shelf brands concealing toxic ingredients that build up in the body. If you want to know if makeup is really good for your skin, try going a week without it and see if you notice a difference in your skin. Opting for all natural makeup or makeup that is closest to natural will certainly have a more positive affect but there are still reasons to avoid it all together-and focus more on natural skin care.

Dewy skin and organic skin care

What most people want is true beauty and revitalized skin from the inside out. The fact is that makeup clogs pores and restricts air flow and since your skin needs to breath, this could add decades to your face. Traditionally, non-makeup wearers have younger looking skin because it is kept clean and free of particles that block natural sun, trapping dirt and oil. For some people, wearing makeup tends to exacerbate acne and wrinkles because it dries the skin or leaves petroleum based residues. For true beauty and dewy skin that speaks volumes about your youth, natural care products are the fastest way to genuinely beautiful skin. Youthful, glowing skin is preferred over makeup any day if it can be achieved and with the right beauty regimen, it can.

Tips for going makeup-free

If makeup has been a part of your regular routine for years, using different oils to achieve a different look will hide imperfections and fade blemishes. Coconut oil for instance provides a sheen to the skin that is often used by makeup artists in place of blush or foundation.


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