Incorporating Health Into Every Day

Incorporating healthy habits into every day may appear stifling, especially if you are putting all the emphasis on completing a 45 minute long yoga routine every day. Seeing health as a living, breathing part of your life may help you to accept the bumps in the road to health and accept your faults and changes.

No one has to be perfect, or fit a cookie cutter picture of health. Health does not have a body type, an age or specific lifestyle. Incorporating health into your every day is the path to look good and feel good about your progress. These are some tips to be healthy every day if a rigid routine is difficult to master with your day to day lifestyle:


Spend time in the outdoors.

This is most likely an obvious tip, but surprisingly not taken advantage of the way other forms of exercise are. Spending time outdoors is the only way to get fresh air and sunshine which increases circulation and treats all manner of disease.  Fresh air and sunshine are the best medicines and the most underused.


Create your own yoga routine.

Don’t let forgetting to do your yoga routine or learning complicated moves throw you off. Lie in bed or on the floor and do natural stretches that feel good to your body. Yoga is, after all about what your body wants to do naturally. Children often do yogic poses without knowing it because they are more tuned into their natural body instincts.


Choose foods instinctively.

If your health magazine tells you chocolate is “great” for you but it makes you feel bad, cease it altogether. Only eat foods that increase well being and not because you believe they are healthy based on something outside of you. What is good for some people may not be good for you.




About Rachel

Rachel is a cat mama, humble homemaker and environmentalist. She is a natural activist, healer and earth lover. Her work is to advocate healthy, natural living for all animals-including humans.
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