In The Wild-Raw Food Recipes for Your Cat

HybridFeverI would like to tell you about the raw food diet for cats.

Before I do that, let me tell you about my own cat and her journey from a sickly, malnourished kitten to a cat with vibrant health. When I first got Bevin she was a very small kitten with a lot of attitude. Despite her strong personality, the dry cat food I was giving her was causing a deterioration that even her strong constitution was overwhelmed by. Bevin did not want to be held, hated having her stomach touched at all and her eyes had a distant, dull look. I knew something was wrong. It killed me to see my beautiful daughter get worse every day. Her distress pressured me because of how helpless I felt as I tried everything I could think of to make it better. I was beginning to give up hope and was at my wit’s end.  I tried more expensive brands of commercial cat food but they did not seem to help at all. Things only compounded when she developed a flea infestation that lasted for 6 months, leading to worms. She had a cold that wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried.

It was at this point when I discovered several articles that changed everything. This was almost 6 years ago and our lives have been changed forever. We decided to try something really different. I was feeding Bevin wild caught salmon a couple of times a month before we had started the raw food diet. I noticed her symptoms were alleviated after eating the raw food. Her personality came to life and her energy skyrocketed. Seeing the actual results filled me with joy and relief! A 100% raw food diet was a natural progression. Today, most people think Bevin is 1 years old. They are surprised to know her real age. This is because of her radiant health and youthful stamina, all of which I credit to a raw food diet in her life.



Consumers are burdened with the health of their cat and wonder what could have gone wrong-they vaccinated, medicated, fed them the most expensive cat food diet and still problems persist. The answer is simple: your cat needs to return to the diet of its ancestors-to eat food that encourages them to forage fresh herbs and hunt wild prey. Indoor cats typically have dampened instincts because they are not able to explore this side of their nature- this can result in the consumption of dangerous houseplants and food that isn’t healthy for cats.




Why do cats need raw food?

In the wild your cat would not wait to be served breakfast, lunch and dinner on the kitchen floor, chomp away at dried pellets, get injections, regular doctor visits, vaccines and develop human diseases such as depression, anxiety, obesity, heart problems, urinary tract infections and different types of cancers. A feline digestive tract is a designed primarily for meat.



Feline diseases are linked to humans

The conditions mentioned above are human diseases and animals are recently being documented with having them-but why now? Perhaps it is the way we expect them to live-exactly as humans do. Animals are incredibly self sufficient creatures and cats in particular, not needing humans in their natural feral state. Expecting cats to mimic our sedentary, low protein lifestyle will only bring suffering to a cat. It is not even healthy for us.



Why Cat Food is Actually Poisonous to Your Cat

Commercial cat food is corn based and contains the smallest quantities of meat possible, meat that is present being usually grade D meat or meat from diseased and rotten animals. Instead of being discarded these animals are sent to commercial cat food factories along with claws, hooves, hair and cancerous tumors. Then corn is added along with vitamins and minerals your cats need and cooked at extremely high temperatures. This then destroys all the minerals that might have existed in the sick, diseased animal parts that were added to this commercial concoction of “healthy” cat food. Gluten, soy, corn and canola oil, all dangerous for cats are oftentimes the main ingredients in cat food with little or no protein in the food at all.


cateatingmeat89Life-giving food vs dead processed “food”

Think about it like this. We all need life to sustain us. Our food is the primary source of nourishment for humans and animals alike. Would we want to eat dried pellets our entire lives? Animals deserve better and you can give them that in the form of a diet that is closer to the one they would have in nature. A healthy cat isn’t cut off from nature or from themselves. For a lively, energetic cat, a fresh, raw meat diet is the key.


catwithrabbitinitsmouth456Cats are successful hunters!

It is true that animals that eat the waste of humans from garbage dumps and fast food restaurants are eating food that is unhealthy for them. What we often forget is that wild animals have the ability to hunt their prey and eat food that is living or uncooked, much unlike the commercial dried pet food we see in the stores today. The reality is that cats don’t need us to tell them how to eat. Even house cats still hunt when they can get the chance.


catwithbirdinitsmouth566Cats know what they need

Alternative medicine does not exclude cats-animals have their own internal compass that guides them instinctively to choose the herbs, fruits, vegetables and meats their body needs for menses, reproduction, disease prevention, detoxification, age, and illness. Animals don’t override instincts like humans do and we should respect and admire this animal trait.



catwithbirdinmouth11The benefits of a natural diet

Wouldn’t it be great if humans could also tap into their natural grazing instincts surrounding food? Switching to a raw meat diet of organic grass-fed meat is the best thing you can do for your cat. Get ready to see the health of your cat transform-brighter eyes, smooth, silky coat, healthy teeth, improved mood, higher energy levels and dramatically different health. Anyone can see the difference a raw food diet has on our animals-your cat is worth it!


cateatingamouseFeline conditions can be treated with a raw food diet

Without naming them all here, feline conditions that we commonly know of like eye and skin problems, eye diseases, hip dysplasia, heart problems, cancers and behavioral disorders can all be treated with a raw food cat diet. You may not know how innately healthy your cat can be until you try the raw food cat diet.



Try this tasty recipe for your cat!

Supercharge your cat with this immune-building, super food salad. Eleuthero is an adaptogen that relaxes and energizes the system at once. Eleuthero is good for older, sluggish cats and relaxing to younger cats. Wheatgrass is a favorite super food green among cats, right up there with asparagus and sweet peas.

Wheatgrass and Chicken Salad with Eleuthero Root

1 organic, free-range chicken leg, cut into pieces, including skin

2 Tbs fresh, organic wheatgrass, snipped

½ teaspoon organic eleuthero root

Pinch sea salt

Mix together well.


This book is a labor of love. In our years of trial and error, we have found what works best to maintain Bevin’s high energy personality and love of life. If you’d like more creative ways to feed your cat here are 26 recipes your cat is sure to love! In this book there are guides to preparing your own raw food meals, a list of a variety of common plants that are safe for cats and foods and additives to avoid when beginning a raw food cat diet. Each recipe shares the inspiration behind the ingredients and what conditions it will best treat in your cat.


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