Homesteading with Natural Care

Homesteading is a big word-and rightly so as the task of homesteading can take an entire lifetime to master. Really, however, homesteading is the art of natural living and natural care; instilling independence and a sense of pride in your work.

When you choose to go about getting your house in order, you make a decision based on wealth and not on lack. When we see the realities around us it is evident that wealth is everywhere-in the grass beneath our feet and the air that we breathe. Abundance is in the finding, discovering and creating. Alchemy is part of everything we do. Cooking is a sort of alchemy even though it may not be thought of in such a way.

Homesteading will bring out all the ingenuity you can muster and the thrill of being independent is exciting. For new and seasoned homesteaders, you will probably get involved with a community in your neighborhood or online that features new crafts, DIY ideas and home activities such as soapmaking, how to make your own lye from ashes and rainwater, or grow your own crops. Homesteading can have a lot of depth. Some people choose to embrace animal husbandry, use all natural skincare and eat organic meals made at home. More people are becoming interested in this lifestyle because it educates young and old in the ways of our ancestors.

Young people do not learn how to make candles, clothes, build a house, fix their own machinery and grow/raise their own food like they used to. Even though the technological advances seem to make up for this, the revival of homesteading is stronger than it has been in a long time. Homesteading provides the strength, knowledge and sense of accomplishment that comes with the lifestyle. Homesteaders experience deep satisfaction with their learning of life, birth, building and a slower pace of living.



About Rachel

Rachel is a cat mama, humble homemaker and environmentalist. She is a natural activist, healer and earth lover. Her work is to advocate healthy, natural living for all animals-including humans.
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