Cooking Like a Frontier Woman


Cooking is not only a necessity, it is an age old art that brings people together.


Women who know how to cook are considered far more attractive than women who don’t because it is a sign of femininity, warmth and a rich personal life.


Having a rich home life is as important for many people as traveling or living a life of adventure but unfortunately cooking like a frontier woman has gone out of style.


Less and less popularity has been associated over the past 50 years with the knowledge that goes into preparing and serving delightful, healthy meals and making foods from scratch, growing a garden for vegetables or herbs or planning ahead of time for vacations and short trips by packing healthy homemade snacks instead of eating fast food.


Only recently has working with our hands made a comeback in this world of simulations and sterility where nearly everything we see is canned, prepared and packaged without honesty regarding quality or what is really in the food we eat.



Most everyone knows how to operate a computer and new technology and overbooked schedules and jobs that do not justify the hours of work that go into to them tend to take precedence over living the sort of lives that bring true gratification that we so crave as a culture.


Searching through popular health magazines or Stumbleupon you will find articles on the sort of gratification that can be gleaned through working with one’s hands, learning how to quilt, sew, recycle, make a sexy scarf out of an old t-shirt and so forth.


Jump on the wave and find yourself a frontier activity to add some genuine to your life if you feel you need to return to activities that remind you of your grandmother and all the wonderful things she knew how to do.





About Rachel

Rachel is a cat mama, humble homemaker and environmentalist. She is a natural activist, healer and earth lover. Her work is to advocate healthy, natural living for all animals-including humans.
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