Cocoa Butter And Pregnancy


Cocoa butter is well known for it’s popularity with pregnant women.


Pregnancy can leave one with unsightly stretchmarks that can last a lifetime if gone untreated.



Stretchmarks are a common occurance that happens when a person gains or loses weight too fast for the skin to rehabilitate, that is fill in the gaps between the cells which will result in unattractive stretchmarks that vary in intensity.


Cocoa butter is so commonly used with pregnant women because of the expanding size of the stomach and breasts primarily which grow in size dramatically in order to birth and nourish the baby with milk.


Even the entire body is susceptible to stretchmarks during pregnancy considering that most women gain weight all over with the process.


Cocoa butter has enough vitamins, minerals, omega three and antioxidants to regenerate new skin in place of stretchmarks and massaging it into your stomach and breasts daily feeds your skin and effectively prevents them from happening in the first place.



A serious concern for pregnant women is using topical creams that may have ingredients that can enter the bloodstream and poison their baby.


This is a valid concern for many reasons.


What enters the bloodstream via the epidermis does not allow the kidney and liver to activate which in turns leads to toxic overload of chemicals, preservatives and parabens, a very dangerous combination for unborn fetuses.


Our all organic whipped cocoa butters offer a complete list of all ingredients and use no fillers or preservatives but maintain a shelf life of up to 4 years.


Almost all cocoa butter lotions and creams found in stores do not have more than 15 % cocoa butter present, instead adding greasy filler oils that are perfumed and heated, offering only mutagens that are unsafe for mother and fetuses alike.


Using our all natural, pure organic, unrefined whipped cocoa butter will result in a smoother pregnancy and smoother skin.

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