Broken Capillaries and Natural Care

Broken capillaries can be found in a lot of places on the body but areas on the face are the most common. You may have broken capillaries on your nose from wearing glasses or anywhere on your face (mostly cheeks) due to sensitive skin, muscle tearing, sunburn, hot conditions, wind, going from one extreme temperature to the other and applying too much pressure to your skin.

Avoiding risks

Some experts say you can’t fix broken capillaries and others offer natural care for this. Natural care of broken capillaries will help the capillary walls to heal faster than if you used nothing at all. Now that you know some reasons for having these reddish-purple lines under your skin you can avoid these risks to your capillary walls, leading to clear, beautiful skin. If you have to wear glasses, choose lightweight ones that do not put too much pressure on your nose or cheeks. Apply natural skincare in a gentle way by patting it into the delicate skin. Because sensitive skin is more likely to get broken capillaries than other types, those with sensitive skin should take extra precautions against skin damage. Broken capillaries are pretty natural and a lot of people have some around their nose. Makeup is often used in the form of concealer to  cover the reddened appearance and give fairer skin an evened out, toned look.

Natural care of broken capillaries

People with broken capillaries may be lacking nutrition in their regular diets. Minerals for broken capillaries are zinc, copper and selenium, minerals than can be obtained from many foods. Alfalfa and vitamin K are recommended for people with this skin condition as well. There are home remedies, natural skin care, dietary changes and light therapies that can be taken advantage of if broken capillaries do not improve.


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