4 Things Your Kitchen Needs But Doesn’t Have


Think the old days of being happy spending hours in the kitchen are over?


Think again. As it turns out your kitchen is in need-and so are you. Try these brilliant, new and not-so-new items to make your kitchen experience a lively one and most of all reduce stress.



Sexy apron.


Who does not need a sexy apron? They do exist-really. Get the picture of your grandmother’s apron out of your head and pick one that is just too cute to take off! You will probably never want to take it off because of how sexy it is, and it will save your good clothes from the ravages of cooking and cleaning.



A real blender.


Even if you aren’t spending upwards of hundreds to get a good blender/food processor it’s important to get something that isn’t your run-of-the mill blender. This reduces stress greatly by cutting back on the preparation of food and a great blender will also be able to process food, make raw nut butters, nut milks and other goodies a lower end blender cannot-so it’s worth the buy to spend a little more.



A backup for your favorite recipes on hand.


Most of us use recipes online and probably have them saved but computers can fail so it’s good to have them in physical copies as a backup.


You can get all fancy and laminate them and put them into a binder or just buy an office organizer and make different sections for different meals types such as drinks, desserts, breakfast, dinner, etc.



Glass storage containers.


Plastic reusable containers can only go so far until oils, tomato juice, meat and other unsavory smells penetrate and linger in them for good, taking more soap to get a job done that could only take minutes.


Glass storage containers with plastic lids can be found if you want to avoid this problem while still storing your leftovers and not wasting any food.

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Rachel is a cat mama, humble homemaker and environmentalist. She is a natural activist, healer and earth lover. Her work is to advocate healthy, natural living for all animals-including humans.
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