Natural Bug Repellents for Home and Body

Want to eliminate invaders without the poisonous bug repellents that don’t work? Spraying your home may prove ineffective and may be dangerous for pets and children, not to mention an extreme measure that you aren’t interested in undertaking.



Cinnamon for ants.


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Skin Brushing-Why it Works


Skin brushing is rooted in Ayurvedic medicine but today anyone who wants to have glowing, healthy skin even into old age can reap the benefits of skin brushing.Some brushes are better than others and it depends how sensitive your skin is but a plain natural boar bristle brush … Continue reading

What is Oil Pulling?


Oil pulling is something you may have heard of. Ayurvedic  medicine refer to oil pulling as “oil gargling” and some doctors claim it can cure many conditions that you wouldn’t think were associated with the teeth/mouth.


What is oil pulling, exactly?


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Making Housework Easier


Housework is difficult enough without the added pressures of life but this can show you how to make this easier on yourself and those around you because keeping your house clean is the way to keep the energy in your home positive and healthy so that … Continue reading

5 Things You Need To Know About Skin


Your skin has needs like the rest of your body but so little is understood in the world of skincare-most of us are looking for a quick fix and have forgotten the age old natural beauty care secrets that have worked for others for thousands of years, before.


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Have Better Eyesight Without Glasses



Better eyesight can feel good and if you can imagine feeling good about it, now-before it happens then you are well on your way to better eyesight no matter how long you have worn conventional glasses.


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4 Things Your Kitchen Needs But Doesn’t Have


Think the old days of being happy spending hours in the kitchen are over?


Think again. As it turns out your kitchen is in need-and so are you. Try these brilliant, new and not-so-new items to make your kitchen experience a lively one and most of all reduce … Continue reading