Raw Organic Whipped Cocoa Butter


Why is it so important to go raw by eating raw foods and using raw, unprocessed natural beauty products? The answer is simple-our bodies are more accustomed to raw foods and things closest to nature and we get the most benefit by using unprocessed, unrefined, all natural and organic skin … Continue reading

Natural Beauty Care Basics


How should you basically care for your hair, skin and nails? Natural makeup and organic makeup are words we hear a lot, today as well as natural and organic beauty care but what about a general approach to beauty?


There are natural ways to be beautiful that … Continue reading

3 Ways To Have More Energy


Having energy is important because it says a lot about our health.


Diet, mental and emotional state and levels of toxins accumulated, diseases that have not been addressed and preexisting deficiencies and conditions all play a role in energy levels.


Have you ever wondered about how … Continue reading

Being Beautiful With Raw Meat


Raw foods and raw meats are all the rage along with paleo “diets”. Even celebrities are eating plain, raw meat and not complaining about getting sick.


Many of us were taught that eating raw meat is dangerous but what if it can change your life without … Continue reading

The Benefits of Aromatherapy With Oils


Headaches among other forms of pain can be alleviated with aromatherapy.


Can you imagine what it would be like to smell a wonderful fragrance that eliminates your pain?


Breathing difficulties, respiratory problems, shallow, uneven breaths or asthma can be treated with organic essential oils to make your … Continue reading

The Best Hair Brushing Tips


Natural hair care is a basic part of life that keeps your scalp healthy and maintains long and lustrous locks without synthetics, chemicals that are not designed for the human body and harsh treatments, curling irons, straighteners and so on. Caring for your hair is basic and is part … Continue reading

The Organic Beauty Care Difference



What makes organic beauty care products so different than the rest and how do you know which natural care products to pick?


Organic care products are everywhere, now in the form of natural care products, organic makeup, organic hair care, and other organic or mostly organic … Continue reading