Essential Uses for Essential Oil


Essential oils are used in so many things-foods, drinks, carbonated beverages and teas, toothpastes, candles, candies, cosmetics, natural care products, soaps, cleaning agents, incense, deodorant, perfume, pet products and many other things.


Using essential oils can change your life in a way that makes it … Continue reading

All Spectrum Facial Serum


Our up and coming new product is the All Spectrum Organic Facial Serum blended specially to encompass all areas of skin health to preserve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.


Target points include wrinkles and fine lines, lack of tone or sagging skin,  sun damage, premature aging, sensitive … Continue reading

Cocoa Butter And Pregnancy


Cocoa butter is well known for it’s popularity with pregnant women.


Pregnancy can leave one with unsightly stretchmarks that can last a lifetime if gone untreated.



Stretchmarks are a common occurance that happens when a person gains or loses weight too fast for the … Continue reading

Relieving Holiday Stress



We all know the holidays are stressful, but there are certainly ways to make them less stressful without opting out on gifts, relatives, parties and junk food.


While it is easy to blame stresses on the holidays, it’s also possible to alleviate unwanted suffering by following … Continue reading

Cocoa Butter-The Perfect Healer


Your skin may have long awaited a drink that penetrates deep into the epidermal layers without the residual grease and gunk that you get from fake lotions and grimy creams that are loaded with fillers, unnatural fragrances and dyes your body does not need.



The skin absorbs … Continue reading

Whipped Cocoa Butter Gift for Her


Looking for that perfect luxury gift for a beautiful woman in your life?


Try our unique, filler free 100% natural organic whipped cocoa butter, sans pesticides, parabens, alcohol and preservatives.



Absolutely free of gluten, casein, soy and dairy, our butter is 100% allergen … Continue reading

Cooking Like a Frontier Woman


Cooking is not only a necessity, it is an age old art that brings people together.


Women who know how to cook are considered far more attractive than women who don’t because it is a sign of femininity, warmth and a rich personal life.


Having … Continue reading

Making Chocolate a Dietary Staple


Chocolate has been considered a food for royalty, not always being available to the common people.


While considered a candy or treat, chocolate is actually better for you than many people would like to believe, having medicinal properties that rival everyday foods.



Some reasons … Continue reading

Psyllium Husk and Bentonite Clay Bowel Cleanse


A person in search of a good bowel cleanse may not know where to look because there are so many different cleanses on the market, today and most of them are for all different parts of the body which can be confusing at first glance.



Where … Continue reading