Organic, Natural Soaps for Hair and Body Care


If organic soaps are something that overwhelm you, look no further for these fantastic hair and body care products.


Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps began many years ago when Dr. Bronner donated thousands of bottles of soap he made himself in a room he resided in.

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Coconut Oil Natural Beauty Care Tips



Coconut oil is popular for many things and natural beauty care is becoming more and more of a popular use for coconut oil as we can see the benefits of coconuts in the body, overall health and skin.


Coconut fat consists of medium chain triglycerides that is … Continue reading

Fat-Why the Body Needs it.



Why all the hype regarding fat?


It isn’t as though our ancestors haven’t lived for thousands of years on fat-without it the human body dies and it is vital in energy, metabolism and intelligence.


Studies show that children with low fat diets do … Continue reading

Reading Preservatives on Labels-a Fine Art



Shopping for groceries, buying natural care products and household cleaning supplies should be an easy task, but what is all that on the label?


Paraben is a preservative known to cause cancer that you will find in everything from makeup to baby wipes.


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Henna Hair-the Herbs That Kicked Dye


Dye will kill-it’s the reality.Not only does it look gross, it IS gross as your tender scalp soaks up hundreds of toxic chemicals from PPD dye that is considered normal by salons and over the counter use. Gone are the days of natural care being viewed as weak, or diluted. Henna … Continue reading

How to Restore Hair Color Naturally


Hair color is determined by melanin content and nutrition.


Melanin decreases over time or because of stress, but a common factor for hair color loss or dulling of the hair is a lack of nutrients.


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Cocoa Butter Facts


Theobroma Cacao or most commonly cocoa butter is an antioxidant rich fat from the fruit of the small cacao tree.


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Natural Safe Sunscreens


Today you will hear about protecting oneself from the sun more than ever as the substances that are not banned by some countries are having negative effects on the ozone layer that serves to shield us from UV rays.


Sunscreens have been sold to us … Continue reading