Small Log Cabins
How to Make a Bee GardenWe can't all keep bees but we can all do our part to help bees around the world. A bee garden is designed to attract bees and keep them around.
How I Conquered Split Ends (and Grew My Hair in the Process)Now, I'm sure by this point we all know that split ends need to be cut off. You can't heal them and fusing serums only work temporarily.
Why I Will Not Use the Diva Cup or TamponsSomeone asked me about my opinions on the Diva cup so I thought it would be a good topic in relation to women's health.
How to Clean Cloth Sanitary PadsCloth sanitary pads can be cleaned much like any other fabric clothing.
How to Make Reusable Sanitary PadsSo, we are going to make our own sanitary pads. The ones in the instructional video are beautiful and certainly better than mine were when I first started making them.
Why it is Weird for Men to ShaveBeards were once a sign of affluence and masculine power and in some parts of the world they continue to instill pride.
Should I Switch to Raw Food?The raw food diet is trendy and sensational with promises to make you beautiful, give you glowing skin and even make you more spiritually aware.
9 Organic Fertilizers You Probably Have at HomeGardeners can use ingredients that are already in their home to make some tasty plant food.
How to Make Lavender LemonadeIf lemonade weren't good enough already we have lavender lemonade to add to our list of favorite naturally flavored lemonades! In the South, I like to drink lemonade year round and...

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